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Recipe: Tasty Vegan Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Vegan Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies. How to make the best vegan chocolate chip cookies that taste just as good as the chocolate chip cookies you remember from childhood - these cookies can give Toll These vegan chocolate chip cookies are everything you could ever want in a chocolate chip cookie recipe - soft, chewy, and. These chocolate chip cookies are the best homemade chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. These cookies are so delicious and The remaining ingredients are simple and wholesome.

Vegan Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies They are easy to make and also very inexpensive because they only have simple common This recipe is not gluten-free though, as it's made with whole wheat flour, which is more affordable and easier to find, but if you're gluten-free. I love chocolate chips whether they're in cookies or anything at all; and this time I am sharing a very classic recipe of vegan whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. It's pretty easy to make and tastes spectacular. You can have Vegan Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies using 13 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Vegan Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. It's of Dry.
  2. You need of whole wheat flour.
  3. It's of vegan sugar.
  4. You need of ground flax seed.
  5. You need of baking powder.
  6. Prepare of salt.
  7. Prepare of Wet.
  8. It's of water.
  9. Prepare of applesauce.
  10. It's of vegetable oil.
  11. Prepare of apple cider vinegar.
  12. You need of Chocolate Chips.
  13. Prepare of 10 oz. bag of vegan chocolate chips.

So let's get started with this recipe, here's the list of ingredients that you will require for. Loaded with chocolate chips, cranberries and pistachios, this cookie will be a definite hit with your family and friends. I expected that these vegan whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies would turn out crispy but instead it was sort of chewy. Soft, chewy, gooey Healthier Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Vegan Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies instructions

  1. Preheat oven to 375°F Fahrenheit.
  2. Mix all dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.
  3. Mix all wet ingredients together in another bowl.
  4. Mix wet ingredients into dry ingredients.
  5. Fold in chocolate chips.
  6. Scoop out tablespoons of dough and place on cookie sheet (these cookies are small, so I counted 2 cookies as one serving).
  7. Bake for 10 minutes.

Made with oat flour, whole wheat flour, coconut sugar and coconut oil. It's gonna be to give my favorite desserts a makeover. This Healthier Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe is the start of something great here friends. These are not the classic chewy chocolate chip cookies. Whole wheat flour(regular or pastry) works well too.

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