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How to Cook Yummy MANGO MAKHANA KULFI Healthy Version

MANGO MAKHANA KULFI Healthy Version. Mango kulfi is the Indian version of Mango Ice Cream and is one treat that you wouldn't want to miss when mangoes are in season! Hot days calls for frozen treats and there's nothing quite like homemade kulfi aka the Indian version of ice cream! This Mango Kulfi has the flavors of mango.

MANGO MAKHANA KULFI  Healthy Version So today I'll make you learn. How to make Mango Kulfi-Refreshing kulfi made from mangoes. Mango kulfi is a delicious creamy dessert made with mango puree, condensed milk & pistachios. You can have MANGO MAKHANA KULFI Healthy Version using 5 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of MANGO MAKHANA KULFI Healthy Version

  1. It's of Milk boiled (low fat).
  2. It's of Mango pulp of mangoes.
  3. It's of Dates (seedless).
  4. It's of Honey.
  5. Prepare of Fox nuts(Makhana).

This no cook instant mango kulfi is so quick to make. Mango kulfi recipe with video & step by step photos - Kulfi is an Indian ice cream made with milk, sugar and other flavoring ingredients. Mango kulfi is an Indian frozen dense dessert made from milk and mango puree. Summers and kulfi go together for us.

MANGO MAKHANA KULFI Healthy Version instructions

  1. Firstly deseed the dates If you don't get seedless.Soak them in warm milk around 1/2 cup for 15-20 minutes.Grind it into a smooth puree.Keep it aside..
  2. Pour the milk into heavy bottom vessel.Now start heating the pre boiled milk in low flame. Keep on stirring.Continue it for 15-20 minutes..
  3. Meanwhile the milk is heating.In other vessel or wok dry roast makhana till crisp.Allow it to cool & grind it into a fine powder..
  4. Once the milk gets thicken slightly put the ground makhana powder into it. Stir it well & continue for 5-10 minutes..
  5. Remove it it from flame. Allow it to cool down completely.Now pour this into mixer jar along with mango pulp & dates puree & honey.Blend it into a smooth & thick consistency..
  6. Pour it into kulfi moulds.Deep freeze for around 8-10 hour.Relish cool.Have a happy Summers. 😊.

So whenever the Indian summers I have also shared a No cook mango kulfi with milkmaid which is a quick, easy and a cheat's version of making mango kulfi as no second time. Mango kulfi is a traditional, rich, and creamy frozen dessert from India. Learn to make no cook mango kulfi recipe with step-by-step video instructions. This sinfully rich, delicious, creamy, and. Mango Kulfi - homemade, kulfi recipe with mangoes, nuts and milk!

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